The Allfather and I

Alone again I feel
No one here
But an old one eyed man who sits next to me
Telling me don’t worry my daughter everything will be fine
But father, I ask, why do things seem so desolate and lonely
Well my daughter, only you know the answer to that
Father, I say, why? Why do you test your strongest as though they are an enemy?
My daughter, you see, I test my strongest because I know your weaknesses, I test your weaknesses because I know your strengths. My daughter, tests are a part of life, a ritual of mine I give to my strongest.
Allfather though, I say, how can it be
Some mortal like me has peaked an interest in you, the god of gods, lord of lords
My daughter, you see, I called to you for a reason, as did your ancestors. It was time for you to come back home to us, those of the Æsir and Vanir. Your heart is true, your mind and wits you have, honest and noble you are dear daughter, to thine troth I know thee to be true. What more could I want from a mortal daughter?
Good question, I say father,


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